Measus is a perl script that automates speed testing multiple programs over different files and arguments.

For example you have programs brute-force, shift-or, kmp and grep. You want to test pattern searching with patterns “aaaa”, “bbbb”, “ababba”. Also you want to test with different files “abc.txt” and “bbb.txt”. Also testing only one run is useless so you want to run each test 10 times. To do this testing you’ll need to create a setup file:

<pre><code>$iterations = 10;

@programs = (
    "grep => grep -c PAT FILE",
    "brute-force => ./bf PAT FILE",
    "shift-or => ./sor PAT FILE",
    "kmp => ./kmp PAT FILE",

@patterns = (

@files = (
    "abc 16MB => ../data/abc.txt",
    "b* 16MB => ../data/bbb.txt",

Then you can run it with:


Download from here: measus.tar.gz